Interview Tips


Great Industry Job Seeking Tips

The best advice we can give you is how to market brand ‘you’ to your prospective employer. From your CV to the latest interview techniques, we have the tools to help you.

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The Interview

Getting Prepared

Undertake detailed research on the role, the company, the industry, the competitive environment and the individual who is interviewing you. Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, and Twitter. In addition, brush up on the latest in the industry via blogs, online forums & news sites. Look at the potential career progression for someone taking on this role – the existing role they have; the next role they’re likely to take. This is important as it sets your thinking into a firm view of where you want to be in your career, and by when.


Presenting Yourself

Professional, all the way. Leave nothing to chance. No jeans, t-shirts or trainers. A dark suit; a skirt or dress. Hair & make-up office-appropriate for the girls. Clean shaven for the guys. Don’t overdo the fragrance. Smile. Presentation is a key factor in making a statement about yourself. Dress appropriately to the position you are being interviewed for. Don’t wear a fashion statement. Do not smoke just prior to an interview and don’t chew gum.


During The Interview

Arrive no more than 10 minutes

Body Language – Body language is as important as verbal communication. Ensure you don’t close yourself off. Do not cross your arms or swing back on your chair. Sit up straight, maintain good eye contact (without staring) and use a note book to take brief notes.

Listen Carefully – Address the questions asked during the interview and remember to be clear and concise in your answers. Where possible use relevant examples in your answer. Elaborate on your response and avoid ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.

Professional yet personable – Be professional in your answers, but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

Take a positive approach – Remember to be positive in your approach. Don’t put down or discredit your previous employers, be diplomatic and positive.

Ask Questions – Do not ask questions just for the sake asking questions. Do your homework on the role and write down questions that will better help your understanding of the role. Remember not to ask any questions that may have already been covered during the interview. Do not talk about money until the end of the interview.

Practice makes perfect – Practice on family or friends to ensure that you are fluent and confident in your interview.